• Despite the recent crypto market volatility, non-fungible token (NFT) sales have shown resilience with a surge of 7.74% in weekly sales.
• Ethereum blockchain contributed the most to NFT sales this week, amounting to $124.7 million.
• Bored Ape Yacht Club was the top performing NFT collection this week, with Cryptopunk #2,356 and Azuki #6,954 being the highest valued individual NFTs.

Non-Fungible Token Sales Surge Despite Crypto Market Volatility

Despite a turbulent week for the crypto market, non-fungible token (NFT) sales have experienced a remarkable 7.74% surge in weekly sales totaling $181.82 million. Furthermore, an increase of 41% has been recorded in terms of NFT buyers over the course of this week when compared to last week’s figures.

Ethereum Leads NFT Sales

The Ethereum blockchain took up a significant portion of total sales this week with $124.7 million while Solana blockchain contributed $22.66 million to overall sales figures despite witnessing an 88.19 % increase in SOL based NFT transactions over the past seven days according to cryptoslam metrics., Other notable blockchains which saw high levels of activity include Matic, Binance and Immutable X among many others.

Top Performing Collections This Week

Bored Ape Yacht Club emerged as the top performing collection this week with total sales reaching $16.38 million alongside a 64% rise in comparison to last week’s figures followed by Mad Lads ($8M), Azuki ($7M) Mutant Ape Yacht Club ($4M), Captainz ($4M), Blocklords Banners ($3M), The Heist NFT compilation ($4M) and Trump’s Digital Trading Cards (series 2) ($3M).

Highest Valued Individual NFTs

Cryptopunk #2356 was recorded as the most expensive individual NFT sale this week fetching an impressive $380k followed by Azuki #6954 selling for an equally impressive figure of $358K while Autoglyphs #145 and Azuki #5523 were sold for $286K and 253K respectively along with Vethena#9130 which fetched $223K three days ago respectively .


Overall statistics from nftpricefloor suggest that Cryptopunks continues to be at the top spot for floor value followed closely by Bored Ape Yacht Club , Mutant Ape Yacht Club ,Azuki and Otherdeeds .It is clear from these figures that Non Fungible Tokens are here to stay even amidst Crypto Market Volatility .

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