• The article discusses the amount of water that is used for showering in the United States.
• It states that a 10-minute shower can use up to 29 gallons of water, and that it is important to conserve water when showering.
• It provides tips on how to reduce your water usage when taking a shower.

Water Usage when Showering in the United States

How much Water is Used During a Shower?

The US Geological Survey estimates that a 10-minute shower can use up to 29 gallons of water. This is equivalent to 2.9 gallons per minute, making it one of the most significant uses of residential water in the US.

Why Conserve Water When Showering?

Conserving water while showering helps reduce our dependence on nonrenewable resources and ensures we have an adequate supply of clean drinking water for future generations. By reducing our consumption, we can also help keep utility costs down and promote sustainability throughout our communities.

Tips for Conserving Water While Showering

There are many ways you can save water while taking a shower:
• Install low-flow fixtures such as low-flow faucets or aerators which restrict the flow rate from 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) to 1 GPM or less.
• Use shorter showers; try limiting yourself to 5 minutes or less if possible!
• Take showers instead of baths; they generally use less than half as much as a full bathtub does.


It is essential to be mindful of our usage when it comes to something as precious as clean drinking water, especially during activities like showering which consume so much of it each day. With simple adjustments, such as installing low-flow fixtures or taking shorter showers, we can all do our part in helping conserve this precious resource!

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